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Archive for the ‘USA 2011: preparation’ Category

USA2011 about to start!

In a week from now, I’ll be riding from Arizona into Utah. The trip is getting close. The Santa Monica Police Department confirmed the start from the Santa Monica Pier, the cameras are charged, and most of all, I am looking forward to it more than ever! One more thing: I got a new motorcycle for the trip: a 1996 Triumph Trophy. See you in New York!

kick-off from santa monica pier: permission granted

It is done! The Santa Monica Police Department was very helpful with my request and responded very adequately. I got the following reply from them:

I think that we will be able to help you out.  You will be escorted by the police on and off the pier, no guarantee that it will be motor officers but I’ll see what I can do.  Get a hold of me a few weeks prior to your trip and we’ll firm up the specifics.

How cool is that! Escorted on and off the pier! It is going to be an amazing start of an amazing trip! I’ll be officially starting my trip now from the very far end of the pier! A big thank you to the Santa Monica Police Department!

santa monica police department

I just contacted the Santa Monica Police Department. I have to ask permission to take off from the Santa Monica Pier on September 20, 2011. As I am leaving from the far end, a pedestrian zone, I cannot just go there and start my trip officially. The harbor police station is located right on the pier, and I would end up having a ticket before I even started my trip if I won’t get their approval! Now we just have to wait for their response…

hotels booked

I booked already a whole lot of hotels, for the simple reason that I can get them dead cheap :) Staying in downtown Chicago en New York for $30, where rooms normally go out for $500+… Nice! Below is the so-callede theWit in Chicago!


Yes… Reykjavik. I just booked by return flight from New York to Amsterdam, and the cheapest one (hey, I am Dutch after all) was Iceland Air for just over $400, departing from John F. Kennedy Airport at 8.35PM, Oct 19, 2011, to Reykjavik, Iceland, and from there to Amsterdam, Netherlands. Now lets hope there is no volcano eruptions…

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